Running any small business is hard work but what makes it hard isn’t usually your core business. When you hear about small business owners working all hours it isn’t necessarily the main business activity that’s creating the 14-hour days. It’s the other stuff which is done around the main business activity:

Tax issues
The website
Dealing with things that go wrong
Planning for the future

A small business by its nature doesn’t have an accounts department or an HR department or the team of people that makes a business, well, a medium or large business. The leap from being a small team with one or two people to being something 15-20 people that takes care of all the ‘stuff’ is the hardest leap that an entrepreneur can make. I know, I’ve been there. And the other factor is that when you do get there you discover that you’re doing less of what you love to do and more managing of the people you’ve employed to do the things you didn’t want to do. This is the small business paradox.

We also know that employing lots of people brings with it a different set of challenges. It’s not just managing people but it’s the cost of people. Indeed, people will be the biggest cost your business will have.

This is where we come in.  We can’t promise to take away all your problems but we can help you with the most important aspect of your practice. GETTING MORE CLIENTS.

Getting new clients is the lifeblood of your practice and having a team of trustworthy people who understand your business, who are on your side, helps you move forward and grow without the cost of a full-time marketing person.


Speak to us to see if we can help you. Our business works only with healthcare companies so we’re able to hit the ground running.

  • An initial chat is totally free. We’ll give you an overview of your website and your visibility online so at the very least you’ll have something to go on which won’t cost anything.
  • We can help with your website, copywriting, videos, branding, Google and a host of other services that will give you the edge.
  • Our packages start from £99 and can provide the essential back-up you may be missing.

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