How To Shoot Your Own Video

We love video and we want you to love it too. However, professional video production can be expensive and your budget may not stretch to using an outside company to get your message online.

Well we’ve found an alternative – DIY Video.

Recently I crept away from the office for an hour, found a quiet spot in the corner of my kitchen and shot this video.

Using some basic equipment (a smartphone – Iphone 5s, a stand and a lapel microphone) I shot a short video about how you can make a video for your practice by yourself.

If you install the Youtube app on your phone you can upload this straight to their platform. You don’t even need a marketing agency to help!

If you want to give it a professional twist then you can send the clips to us and we’ll edit it, add some graphics and upload it to your Youtube channel. If you don’t have a channel then we can build one for you. We can also help you source the right stand and microphone if you need assistance with this.

We can walk you through the whole process telling you where to shoot, at what distance and and some other tips and tricks to enable you to look professional online .

Now this isn’t as high spec as a professionally shot version, but for use on your website or Social media page and for almost no cost then it’s worth considering.

Check out our video below. It’s time to get your video online!

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Help Me With Editing My Video