The Lowdown

About Us

We’re a specialist Healthcare and Medical communication agency based in Leamington Spa. We manage publicity campaigns, shoot videos and write great content.

Our background is media. Decades of it. Much of it in the medical, health and beauty sphere. Our CVs are rich in media experience and between us we’ve worked extensively in book and magazine publishing, web design, medical journalism, video production, digital marketing, event co-ordinating and public relations. We know how to talk to consumers.

Being specialist enables us to hit the ground running. We don’t have a steep learning curve to understand the sector environment. When we start working for you we have a pretty good idea what you want* and, without sounding big-headed, we often know what you need before you do.

About You

Which brings us neatly on to you. The modern media landscape in which you compete is a war zone. The battlefield is ever changing, your enemies and competition constantly shifting and in amongst the melee there roam charlatans trying to take your cash and not deliver.

But it’s a war worth having because there are great rewards to the victors. There are lots of customers out there. Even through the worst recession since the fall of the Roman Empire, British consumers have continued to spend money on either making themselves look and feel better. The fragmentation of the NHS is throwing up huge opportunities in the medical and health sectors. If you’re good at what you do and you can tell people about it, then it’s yours for the taking.

I’m continuing with the war theme here because I feel it’s rather apt in this market. A good general doesn’t fight the battle on his own. He sits at the centre and around him his team whir and froth, some in hand to hand combat, some sorting out the guns and others building bridges. For every Genghis there’s a Subutai, for every Nelson there’s a Hardy. We’re not just a supplier, we’re part of your team, managing your website, writing content or shooting your videos. Sometimes we’re there just to offer a bit of advice or have a chat about things. We’re part of your army and we’re rather good at it.

One Final Thing

The philosophy. A good business needs a philosophy and this isn’t something that can be dreamed up in a brain-storming session. It’s not a marketing gimmick or something we do temporarily to get more clients this week than we did last week. The philosophy is hard-baked into the DNA of every good business. And it’s simple: do a good honest job. If you do a good honest job then you’ll thrive. If you do a good honest job then your clients will like working with you and stay with you. If you do a good honest job then people will talk positively about you and you will get more business. If you do a good honest job then your staff will love working for you and will be proud of their endeavors and go that extra mile. If you do a good honest job then the unseen forces will rally behind you and help you to continue to do a good honest job.

Katharine Griffiths
BHM Media Ltd