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Did you know that bad grammer and spelling may be ruining you’re website?

Research conducted by Global Lingo, who polled 1,029 UK adults about their browsing and buying habits online, has unearthed a quite scary statistic.

Asked whether or not they tended to notice the quality of spelling or grammar on a company’s website and, amazingly, 74 per cent said *yes*.

Furthermore, when questioned about spelling errors and bad grammar and if this would stop them buying from the website, 59 per cent of respondents said it would.  The majority stated that they ‘wouldn’t trust’ the company to provide a good quality service. Others suggested that this was evidence of lack of care and they would view the company as unprofessional.

“The fact that such a high percentage wouldn’t trust a company with poor spelling or grammar just goes to show how crucial it is that businesses make the most of every opportunity, especially in these tough economic times,” says Richard Michie, marketing and technology director at Global Lingo.


If you’re worried about the state of your website then why not ask us to give your website a free grammar and spelling check.  Drop us a line and one of our editorial team will give your site a once over and let you know any obvious mistakes that you or your web team may have overlooked.

Email with your website details and phone number and we’ll get back to you.




agriculture house leamington spa

We’ve had a busy weekend moving offices and are now settled into the new premises in the heart of Leamington Spa overlooking the beautiful Jephson Gardens. The move has taken us about 9 months to complete and we had to hole up temporarily in a serviced office on an industrial estate. It was grim people. Grim I tell you.  No place to buy a coffee, nowhere to have an impromptu glass of something cold on a Friday afternoon.  But it’s all OK now.  Summer is here and we’re in a middle of a bustling town full of energy and promise.

We’ve taken the whole of the second floor which gives us a lot more room and light but also gives us a good cardio workout first thing in the morning as there’s no lift.  The new details are below:

Second Floor
Agriculture House
1 Newbold Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV32 4EA
Tel 01789 868 864

We would love you to come and visit us.  There’s parking all around (on meters unfortunately) and lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants to check out.  All in all a great new home for our business and we’re all looking forward to continued growth and success in a fresh new environment and a skip in our stride.

Harley Street Obesity Clinic

Many of our customers ask, if I already have a website, why do I need a microsite or even two or three microsites?

There are a number of reasons why microsites are a good idea and we will be going into them in more dedicated detail in blog posts, but microsite can be a valuable tool in driving traffic to your main site.

Also, if you have a specific treatment or procedure that you wish to promote, then a microsite can be an effective tool in pushing that procedure to gain short- or long-term benefits.

Brief: Mr Sanjay Agrawal, a consultant bariatric surgeon, approached us to build a microsite to sit alongside his main site London Obesity Clinic. Alongside, his team Dr Samira Yousefi and Ms Goli Keffel he had developed a new programme, the Total Transformation Medical Weight Loss Programme, to manage weight loss, alongside traditional bariatric surgical options.

We build our microsites on WordPress which Google loves and optimises well so as well as building the microsite we are also providing ongoing blog content.

The finished product: The package Mr Agrawal opted for was an off-the-peg microsite of five pages. However, as the site evolved he opted to have a more comprehensive design and our designer worked closely with him to produce sliders and images to give his microsite a lovely look and feel. Click here to see it in action.

London Piles ClinicWhat’s a starter website package? These websites are small, off-the-peg websites that get you started without having to outlay the cost of a bespoke, all-singing, all-dancing website that can cost you thousands of pounds.

The great thing about these websites are that they are flexible and can grow with you. We build our starter websites on WordPress which has a fantastic Content Management System. This means that you can add to your website either through pages or posts, increasing and strengthening your online presence.

Then, at any point, you can give your website a new look or revamp and you’ve not lost any of the great online work you’ve done.

Brief: Mr Amit Sinha is a general surgeon with a special interest in Laparoscopic and Minimal Access Surgery. He works mainly in the NHS, but was keen to start building his private practice. At this stage he did not want – or need – a purpose-built website so opted for our Starter Website Package.

Our editorial team wrote the content for the website – maybe not one of their most pleasant jobs as it was mainly about the condition piles and its treatment but it was certainly informative. As the build progressed, Mr Sinha was keen to add a few flourishes to his website so opted to have our designer to create images and sliders to give it a polished feel.

We also added a blog as Mr Sinha is keen – work permitting – to start adding to his website with regular blog posts. We recommend all our clients start interacting with their website in this way, however we are aware that time is tight and many of our clients opt for one of our ongoing content package, either as soon as they go live or at some point down the road.

All our editorial team have a great deal of specialist knowledge and all our material is checked by our Editorial Director, copyscaped and optimised before it goes up to ensure it’s working as hard as  possible for you.

The finished product: To see how the website turned out – and some particularly gruesome pictures! – please click here.

IHP_M_Gonzalez-8202-fullIn March we travelled to Cardiff to film a Cynosure client, Dr Maria Gonzalez of the Specialist Skin Clinic. Dr Gonzalez is a leading dermatologist who speaks for many of the top laser and skincare product companies. She has worked for many years in the NHS and teaching at the University of Wales, until recently when she opened her state-of-the-art clinic in Cardiff.

Dr Gonzalez also works for Dr Rita Rakus at her aesthetic clinic in London’s Knightsbridge, providing dermatology services for Dr Rakus’ exclusive clientele.

The brief: We provide a couple of different video packages for Cynosure’s clients – all of which are shot in a half-day shoot. One option is to do a case study which commonly covers an interview with the practitioner, interview with the patient and a video of the treatment. We then do a follow up video if necessary.

Another alternative is to do a video package which usually includes a treatment overview video, mini intro to the clinic/practitioner and a video that focuses on the treatments/procedures offered by the Cynosure device that the client has.

Dr Gonzalez has just launched her beautiful and well-appointed clinic in Cardiff and is offering some unique treatments, so she decided to upgrade to a full-day shoot to cover more treatments.

The finished product: Here’s a video we did for miraDry that Dr Maria Gonzalez offers at both her London and Cardiff clinics – an innovative treatment for excessive sweating.

Client update: We had a fantastic day with Dr Maria Gonzalez when we shot her videos for the Specialist Skin Clinic. Well we there we were discussing other online marketing methods. Dr Gonzalez was keen to further promote some of her more specialist treatments – miraDry and Mole Mapping – so commissioned us to produce three microsites.

All the content was written in-house for Dr Gonzalez by our content writers and then optimised. As with all clients, we then handed over the keys to her websites with a guide to using the Content Management System. WordPress has a fantastically easy CMS and we encourage all our clients to start posting as soon as possible.

Here’s the home page of the miraDry microsite and here’s an example of how the Mole Mapping website appears on a mobile/tablet – another great thing about any site we build is that they are fully responsive.

Excessive Sweating microsite Mole Mapping microsite

Mr Tariq Ahmad is one of our top customers. We initially produced a set of treatment videos for him and had a great day working with him. As a result, when he decided he wanted to revamp his site then he gave us a call.

The brief: To switch his existing website over to a WordPress platform and to add a blog. Despite having a website for a number of years and having a number of pages with extensive content, he was concerned at the poor performance of his website in search engine rankings.

As a matter of course, we always proof content to ensure that it is as clean as possible. Mr Ahmad’s original site and content had been built by a website design company based in the US and there were lots of American spellings and phrasings that we edited at the same time.

As with another site we’ve worked on recently, the Editorial Director spotted a few odd comments so CopyScaped the website and found that virtually every page was duplicate content, which would go some way to explain why the site had never performed adequately for Mr Ahmad. We wrote new content for Mr Ahmad to replace the duplicate content.

The finished product: Click here to see the finished product. After getting his site live, Mr Ahmad opted for an optimisation package that meant constant good quality content is posted on his site on a monthly basis. It’s a pleasure to keep working with Mr Ahmad.


Mr Ngi Yii is a Leicester-based plastic surgeon, keen to develop a private practice. We were initially commissioned to design him a website.

He wanted a blog function added because he was keen to add content and grow his website but, once the site was live, he found that he wasn’t able to spend any time on the site. So we worked with him for a couple of months, writing regular blog content on the site, and were able to show him Google Analytics Reports that traced the rise in traffic on his website.

That’s the great thing about producing regular good quality content – it works and the client can see the difference it makes. Everything is transparent about this form of website optimisation.


The brief: Mr Yii is a cosmetic surgeon based in Lincoln and Leicester. He was ranking highly in these areas on the private hospital websites he operates from, but he was keen to build a website to showcase the range of procedures he offers and his experience.

Mr Yii required a website that was very clean and reflected his medical background, but also elegant and striking, to appeal to his prospective patients.

It was a relatively small site of 24 pages, that covered the range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that he performs. As a very busy plastic surgeon, Mr Yii was keen for us to do as much as possible so we also wrote all the content for the site, to brief and fully optimised for procedure and area.

The site was built on a WordPress platform, as Mr Yii wished to add further patient testimonials over time as recommendations are a key part of his practice. We also built in a blog function as he was keen to update the website regularly.

The finished product:


The brief: We had built a site for Mr Yii in June 2012 and incorporated a blog function as per his brief, but as a busy plastic surgeon Mr Yii was finding it difficult to update his site regularly. He was also keen to build his local profile with good quality relevant content optimised for both procedure and area.

He chose the Support Package we offer that included weekly blog posts, optimised for the keyword of his choice.

The finished product: He decided to initially optimise for breast augmentation Leicester and in the initial two months he could see from the monthly Analytics Report we provide that he had seen a significant growth in visitors. We are now optimising for other key procedures he offers.

mr n yii cosmetic surgeon