Creating Digital Courses

If you regularly give training sessions or deliver courses then there is an exciting revenue opportunity that you may be missing.
Selling your course online enables you to reach out to an audience without the constraints of location and time.  Anyone can buy your course at any time creating a revenue stream that continues without your input.
The Benefits
– It’s not as big a job as you probably think – create a course using materials that you already have or record a course that you are about to do
– Include all your course material, from videos, text elements, power point slides and test modules
– The course is hosted securely on a platform that is only available to people that have purchased it.
– Set time limits on the course so that students complete and can purchase another.
– Upsell new courses or course updates to your existing students.
– Sell the courses directly from your website with the click of a button enabling you to actually make money 24/7 from course sales
– Sell courses 24/7 without any extra effort from you.