Dr Tapan Patel – Cosmetic Doctor

We got another website live at the start of the week and it was that of Dr Tapan Patel. Dr Tapan’s position as one of the leading aesthetic experts, both in the UK and worldwide, continues to grow from strength to strength. He is constantly asked to present and talk at events all over the world on all things non-surgically. He wanted a personal website to reflect this.

The website has a built in blog function so that through his travels he can keep his followers up to date with what’s going on in the ever-changing world of Dr Tapan Patel. He’s operating on all social media platforms to enable people of all social preferences to keep up to date. This compliments his VIVA Clinic website, which we recently worked on as well. This is a beautiful website that he’d commissioned, but then was finding it incredibly difficult to get through to going live. We provided Content Writing services to write fresh, relevant content for his wide range of treatment pages and we also collated and uploaded all image materials to the site – Dr Tapan has a vast range of before and afters which showcase the amazing results he can achieve and he was keen for this to be a key component of his website.

As someone whose constantly in the eye of the media, Dr Tapan has been featured in articles in a number of publications. We have displayed these by creating a page to showcase a collection of PDF’s using a lightbox function.

We’re excited to start seeing some blogs appear!


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