Mr Jindal – ENT Surgeon

On Monday, the website for Midland’s ENT surgeon Mr Jindal went live. Mr Jindal didn’t have a website previously so the first stage was working with him to identify what he wanted his website to do for him.

As well as identifying his key treatment areas, he also wanted a news section which he could update. However, surgeons are often so busy with their private and NHS practices that it is often impossible to find the time to update regularly. That’s why we’ve developed an on-going ‘look alive’ package where we manage this for them.

We wrote the content for Jindal’s treatment pages as part of his package and we learned all about the treatment of balance and dizziness disorders as Mr Jindal has developed a particular interest in treating these patients. Always interesting to learn something new.

One aspect that took some going back and forth was the images on the sliders. For many of these ‘medical’ websites it’s hard to find pictures that convey the right image. Mr Jindal didn’t want images that looked too lifestyle but when we experimented with ‘examination’ images or even diagrams, it really didn’t look right at all. The best place for diagrams seems to be the inner treatment pages where they can really be of use to visitors for illustrative purposes.

The rest of this week has been spent road-testing his website, dealing with any teething problems and putting up a few blog posts to make sure everything works to Mr Jindal’s satisfaction. So far, he has been very pleased and everyone he’s shown the website to has loved it which is great.

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