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Mr Richard Matthews – Plastic Surgeon

BHM Media’s partnership with Mr Richard Matthew is an ever evolving and growing one and I hope he is enjoying it as much as we are!

Initially, we were contacted by Mr Matthews about changing his existing website over to a WordPress platform as he was unable to make any amends to the content that was there. Mr Matthews has spent many years building up a busy plastic surgery practice and he wanted his site to be able to reflect everything he is able to offer and the amazing work he has done in the past. The site looks very beautiful and elegant and we think shows the wide range of procedures offered by Mr Matthews.

Once the site went live, we gave him a crash course on how to use the site and how easy it is to put up content as we do with all our clients. However, a couple of months later he got in touch as he wasn’t able to find a spare second in between surgical procedures to actually update the site. We now provide a monthly content update package. This varies from client to client depending on their brief. For Mr Matthews he wanted a more in-depth piece each month on a hot topic in the plastic surgery industry. This is usually based on interviews with Mr Matthews and then written in the first person so Mr Matthews checks it closely before going up as it has to reflect his views and opinions obviously and he amends where necessary.

Then just last week, we spent the day at the Nuffield in Leamington filming Mr Matthews for our Treatment Video package. He will receive seven short informative videos on the key procedures he offers and we are editing them as we speak (will update when we’ve got his feedback!). It was a lovely day and the team at the Nuffield led by Mel McLean looked after us so well – Mr Matthews also brought us some apples from his garden and some doughnuts so we were well pleased (or easily pleased!).

And he says we can call him Richard now!


“Anyone unsure where to turn to construct a new website or to refresh or revamp their existing website should look no further than BHM Media Ltd, now based in Leamington Spa. They have done a tremendous job revamping my own website this year with courtesy and enthusiasm, consulting me at all stages and tailoring it to suit the needs of my busy Plastic Surgical Practice.

The outlay for this represented excellent value for money and all comments from website visitors have been very favourable. For a modest ongoing retainer, the highly personable BHM Staff monitor the site and assist me in updating all aspects, including the blog, on a regular basis. In short, highly recommended.”

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