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Westbury Cosmetic Surgery Partnership


Are you a cosmetic surgeon who runs their own private practice but could do with a lot more business?


Building a cosmetic surgery practice these days is difficult.  High operating costs, ferocious competition and on top of that you have to learn about marketing and spend lots of money on acquiring customers.  The sector is dominated by powerful hospital groups with considerable marketing muscle.

The old adage of strength in numbers has never been more relevant.  The Westbury Group is a marketing platform that enables you to market yourself under a recognised quality brand.  Westbury provides total marketing support from website build, content support (video and written) and buying adwords on Google.

The cost for involvement is a monthly contribution towards the marketing budget and a % in sales commission on procedures undertaken.  So it’s a low cost affordable way to compete on a level with the big boys but retain control of your destiny and make a significantly higher surgeon fee than you would working for a group.

The team behind Westbury is made up of surgeons and marketing folks and they know what they’re doing.  We’re proud to work with them on their media production and build websites and shoot their videos as well as writing their content.

If you are interested in getting involved in Westbury then contact via Admin@WestburyBristol.com








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