Mr Ngi Yii is a Leicester-based plastic surgeon, keen to develop a private practice. We were initially commissioned to design him a website.

He wanted a blog function added because he was keen to add content and grow his website but, once the site was live, he found that he wasn’t able to spend any time on the site. So we worked with him for a couple of months, writing regular blog content on the site, and were able to show him Google Analytics Reports that traced the rise in traffic on his website.

That’s the great thing about producing regular good quality content – it works and the client can see the difference it makes. Everything is transparent about this form of website optimisation.


The brief: Mr Yii is a cosmetic surgeon based in Lincoln and Leicester. He was ranking highly in these areas on the private hospital websites he operates from, but he was keen to build a website to showcase the range of procedures he offers and his experience.

Mr Yii required a website that was very clean and reflected his medical background, but also elegant and striking, to appeal to his prospective patients.

It was a relatively small site of 24 pages, that covered the range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that he performs. As a very busy plastic surgeon, Mr Yii was keen for us to do as much as possible so we also wrote all the content for the site, to brief and fully optimised for procedure and area.

The site was built on a WordPress platform, as Mr Yii wished to add further patient testimonials over time as recommendations are a key part of his practice. We also built in a blog function as he was keen to update the website regularly.

The finished product:


The brief: We had built a site for Mr Yii in June 2012 and incorporated a blog function as per his brief, but as a busy plastic surgeon Mr Yii was finding it difficult to update his site regularly. He was also keen to build his local profile with good quality relevant content optimised for both procedure and area.

He chose the Support Package we offer that included weekly blog posts, optimised for the keyword of his choice.

The finished product: He decided to initially optimise for breast augmentation Leicester and in the initial two months he could see from the monthly Analytics Report we provide that he had seen a significant growth in visitors. We are now optimising for other key procedures he offers.

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