The Perfect Public Relations Story

Dad gives his daughters a boob job – Daily Mirror – 12th December 2013

Often our clients ask if we can help with medical consumer PR.  We can and we do.  Our links to beauty and health journalists and mainstream publications has been 15 years in the making and we know the people to talk to if you want to get your name out there.

But. And it’s a BIG But.  It is very much about the story.  Indeed we won’t take on a client if there isn’t a story that we think we can sell.  For example, a cosmetic surgeon in Twickenham has started his own practice might be interesting to him, his family and friends, but its not going to make the Daily Mail on the strength of that alone. It needs meat on the bones. It needs a celebrity, it needs a unique procedure or something that someone will find interesting beyond the actual clinic.

PR is a collaboration between you and the journalist.  You’re not actually paying for the exposure, so you have to sing for your supper. The journalist is working for a publication or website and what he needs is people to read the copy he produces, either by buying the paper or visiting the site and driving up traffic. And lets not forget that the journo and media outlets are getting bombarded with press releases endlessly.   So it has to be interesting.

If you want to get facts out there then buy an advert – if you want free publicity get your thinking cap on and come up with something good.

Which brings me neatly to the article that’s illustrated above. Put aside for a second any moral issues you have with a father giving his kids breast augmentations and let’s just look at it from a publicity angle – it has all the perfect ingredients for a great mainstream story:

Family interest, they’re sisters.

Their lives are made better.

Their dad is a surgeon (lots of media will prick up their ears when the words ‘Plastic Surgeon’ are mentioned).

 A brilliant accompanying photo of two attractive women in a bikini

And you put the whole lot together and you have a guaranteed PR home run.  Even though it’s a bit odd, its definitely one of those times when all publicity is good publicity. This would have yielded some great media coverage in the States where they all live (California of course!) and the money that Dr Michael Niccole paid his PR agency is money well spent, his practice will boom as a result.  He’s so sure of his work and abilities he’ll operate on his daughters, the most precious thing a man can have – from a consumer perspective you simply can’t say better than that. And lets not forget the ego trip of a story about you that goes round the world.  So although it being published in the UK isn’t going to benefit Dr Michael Niccole directly for his business it’ll make him feel good knowing people across the world are talking about him.

The full article is here

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