This week we’ve been practising what we preach

We keep banging on about how important video is for your business, so we actually thought we should do our own while we were waiting for the world to get back to work.

On the first day back, Ruth and I were instructed to dress smart (which was a struggle in itself after spending much of the festive break lying horizontal, scoffing chocs in front of the TV ). Our in-house camera man Mike then captured us as we presented why we think video is such a valuable digital marketing tool.

We like to promise our clients that their video shoot will be as pain-free as possible – in fact, we’d go as far as to say that we can actually make it a fun and enjoyable day for you – so it was good to see the process from the other side of the camera.

I now have a new-found respect for previous clients who manage to be so eloquent and smooth, even from take one. I think I managed to fluff up my introductory line about ten times.

I hope you enjoy the video we produced.

Katharine Griffiths
Editorial Director at BHM Media