Video: A marketing strategy that works

If you’re like us and have the entrepreneurial spirit then it’s a fair bet you’ve tried a few things to increase your client base.

  • Magazines aren’t what they used to be
  • Google is expensive and you need to keep on top of it
  • Radio advertising now has too many restrictions on it and TV advertising is prohibitively expensive
  • Directory sites can work but it’s hard to stand out from the crowd
  • SEO is a dark art that seems to be ever shifting and is hard to measure

But there is one thing that can put you and your message in front of customers, month after month, year after year, for a surprisingly low cost. VIDEO

A well shot and edited series of videos can run through the heart of your marketing efforts and here’s why:

1 TV and the Internet are merging

The world’s second biggest search engine is YouTube. As television and the internet become the same thing people are turning more and more to video searches to find what they’re looking for.

Most companies still don’t know this – you’re now ahead of the curve!

2 The importance of YouTube

Once you’ve got your video, it’s time to crank it up a bit and create your OWN CHANNEL so that clients can be drawn in and see all your content.

That might sound scary, but it is achievable and brings massive benefits to your business.

3 The benefits it brings to your own website

Then you need to post the video on your website. It is acknowledged across the online marketing world that you can double the time visitors spend on your site if you have a video.

Also Google loves video and will reward you in the rankings for having them on your site.

The world is finally waking up again after a few years of tough times. You need to get ahead of the game by incorporating video into your online marketing strategy in 2014.