What? You haven’t got your free Google+ listing yet?

I’m still amazed at how many of the people we deal with haven’t registered their Google+ business account.

“Oh god, not another thing I have to register,” I hear you cry.

But bear with me on this. This really is one of those things that’s worth spending half an hour of your life on.

A Google business account is essential if you are a business seeking local clients. In many cases you will appear at the top of the search ranks in the geographical section. What this means in practice is a top rank on Google without having to do lots of painful SEO work which can take months.  And I’ll repeat, it’s FREE!

Click this link to register : http://www.google.com/+/business/

Below is an example of how a Google listing works for the search “Cosmetic Surgery Birmingham”:

On the left hand side you’ll get the local listings. These appear towards the top of the page within the listings (ie. a top rank!)




And on the right hand side is the corresponding map so you can find your nearest surgeon!