A typical day’s filming with BHM…

Last week we spent a day filming with the team at Persona Medical Clinic, led by their Medical Director and Owner Dr Lisa Delamaine.  

They are based in Bexley in Kent, so at 8 am, on a very cold and wet morning, Katharine, Mike (our filmmaker), and I set off with my Mini stuffed with all our film kit.

Over the last couple of months, we had been liaising closely with Persona’s fab marketing team – in the form of Emma and Natalie – in preparation for the shoot. Prior to Christmas, we had produced an ident (an animation of their beautiful logo) and they had already put that ident onto the videos they’d done in their past. This little extra just gives a beautiful, professional touch, not only to the videos we produce but they can be used on any other videos you may have, on your website or at presentations.

We have a number of different video packages that we offer clients, from simple patient testimonials or treatment videos, through to more complex corporate videos that aim to showcase your clinic or practice and which can vary depending on the client’s brief.

Persona wanted a bespoke video package. They wanted videos that were slightly more sophisticated – if that’s the right word! – than the simple cross-desk treatment videos but weren’t quite corporate videos. They identified the videos they wished to do – an introduction to Persona and Dr Lisa and three more general treatment videos that focused on the Face, Body and Laser treatments that they offer.

A couple of weeks earlier we had produced a brief and schedule for the day, as we do for all our clients. We call it a brief rather than a script as it is a general outline of what we feel they should cover in the video – there would be nothing worse than remembering you’ve missed some important point when we’ve packed up and gone home.

Following a script is very hard as we learnt when we tried to do a bit of our filming recently – we would always encourage our clients to be as natural as possible. Treat the camera as if it is a prospective patient or client; I know that’s easier said than done, particularly when you have a camera in your face, you’re mike’d up and the spotlight is on you! That’s why at BHM we try and make your day’s filming as relaxed as possible. We can do as many takes as you need to ensure that you get it right.

We also try and make the day as fun as possible. Either Katharine or myself – or both of us – will always be there and, if necessary, we’re happy to be models or extras. Luckily, we have no vanity – I’ve had more ‘consultations’ for a boob job than is healthy and on the Persona shoot poor Katharine had to reveal her tummy (which is actually a pretty impressive tum) to the world as Dr Lisa poked and prodded, and then drew all over her stomach.

If you have been thinking about having a shoot like Persona’s, or you just want more information on the video packages we can provide, or any of our digital marketing services, then please call me on 07783 415949 at any time (apart from this Saturday evening as I’m out painting the town red with the girls and may have had a few glasses of fizz!).

Ruth Zawoda

BHM Media