Content is King!

Why is content so important?

From speaking to customers, it seems that the main difficulty in building an online presence is actually how confusing the world of digital marketing or SEO can be. However, there is very one simple lesson that everyone should learn: content is king.

You may have built your website and poured your heart and soul into how it looks and functions, but if you don’t update it regularly with good quality, relevant content then over time Google will just ignore you and your website will slip away into the furthest reaches of Google rankings.

You’ll hear lots of people talking about getting to the top on Google. And people will sell you all sorts of schemes and cunning plans to get there. But there really is only one bona fide rule when it comes to getting ranked.

Google want you to engage with the internet. If you engage with the internet it will reward you with a higher rank.

And what do I mean by engage?

If you’re engaging with the internet you are:

– updating your site with news about your business and industry

– adding new pages and products

– linking to interesting people

– perhaps you’re tweeting and writing some guest posts for big industry sites

So you need to update your site all the time with articles, news and new pages, or publish videos which we’ve talked about previously.

If you’re writing content, then there are a few things you should be doing. Work out what you’d like prospective patients to find you for and these are your keywords that you will need to use in your content updates. Area is obviously prime and, following that, identify your top procedures and treatments.

Now, when you come to write the content, length is the big question. There is no set amount that Google stipulates that you write, but I would suggest 300 words at the very least.

Also, think about how you yourself use Google. Some patients might just type in ‘Boob Job Bristol’ but often, particularly if they’re just starting to do research, they might ask questions, such as ‘What scars can I expect after a breast augmentation?’ or ‘What’s the recovery like after a tummy tuck?’.

Now, nothing beats writing the content yourself. It’s your website, your brand, your message and you are an expert in your field so you should share that knowledge just as you would do when a prospective patient or client comes through your door.

However, if you’re very busy – and I know you guys are always very busy – then it is possible to buy ongoing content and there are lots of companies out there offering this service. My only advice there is to be careful who you choose.

Quality is key and a specialist in the healthcare industry writing content will be able to write good quality content that reflects your speciality and expertise rather than content written purely for SEO purposes – made worse when English isn’t their first language.

Despite the internet being almost two decades old most of your competitors aren’t engaging. They’re putting up sites and then forgetting about them. Now is the time to start pulling away from the competition.

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Katharine Griffiths

BHM Media