Busy morning at BHM Media HQ

Katharine GriffithsBAAPS released their latest plastic surgery figures this morning and the good news for everyone working in the cosmetic surgery industry is that things seem to be on the up after a few tough years. BAAPS have found cosmetic surgery has risen 17% on last year’s figures and the news that cosmetic surgery is booming again, generated a flurry of press.

Rajiv Grover, president of BAAPS was on Radio 4 this morning debating the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery with other talking heads. I found myself scaling the heady media heights of BBC Hereford and Worcester. I’d done some work with them in the past and so they got in touch to get a comment. It wasn’t what I was expecting at 8.30 on a Monday morning but I was happy to blather on about the benefits that cosmetic surgery can bring – as long as it’s right procedure, at the right time, for the right patient.

So, it’s interesting times for the cosmetic surgery industry if things are picking up. I do wonder though, if the BAAPS figures are a reflection of patients choosing their surgeons with more care. After the PIP scandal, consumer confidence was rocked and the big cosmetic surgery chains were responsible for most PIP implants inserted in the UK, outside of the NHS. If patients are now realising that going for the cheaper option might mean paying for it later, this is the time for individual and reputable plastic surgeons to start claiming back market share from the big chains.