Mr Tariq Ahmad Microsites

We had done a website swap for Mr Tariq Ahmad to a WordPress plastform and he was so pleased with the results he asked us to build him microsites for key procedures he performs in the Cambridge area.

The brief: Microsites are simple websites, with just a few pages and are particularly effective for optimisation purposes. He initially had three microsites – BreastAugmentationCambridge, TummyTuckCambridge and FaceliftCambridge – and then recently he asked for a fourth microsite for RhinoplastyCambridge.

Mr Tariq Ahmad is keen to increase his dominance in the Cambridge area so he’s also asked us to add ongoing monthly optimisation packages for the four microsites to his main website optimisation.

The finished product: Below are the four microsites. We’ve given them all a consistent look and the great thing about these microsites is that they can embed video on the home page to take advantage of the fantastic videos we produced for Mr Ahmad.

TT Cambridge Rhino Cambridge Facelift Cambridge BreastAug Cambridge