Change the Rules of PR Engagement

photoWe have mentioned before that Human Interest Stories are like gold-dust when it comes to public relations. These stories power PR; someone who has had their life positively transformed generates public interest and therefore publicity. It could be argued that any form of cosmetic surgery that achieves the desired results is a life transforming procedure, but for it to work as a good story, it’s going to need a little more meat on the bones.

A good story or case study is not something that will be available to you all the time; in fact, a good Human Interest Story is unlikely to occur more than once or twice a year. An issue that we also come across regularly in the medical industry – especially in the UK – is that patients just don’t want to talk. Unlike in the States, people here generally don’t want the world to know about the treatments or procedures they have undertaken. This means that you don’t only have to find yourself a good story, but also a patient who is happy to discuss their experiences in public, and these are few and far between.

I really wanted to stress that these stories and patients are not readily available to us which brings me naturally to the cost of a decent PR company. What many of our clients (quite rightfully) ask is: “If I only have this one story then should I really be signing up to a lengthy, expensive PR contract?” My advice is no; no you shouldn’t. PR works, but it’s not cheap, and if you only have one interesting case or story then committing to a 3-6 month contract will be a very expensive venture for you.

For our clients who have that one, engaging Human Interest Story, the best way to approach PR is on a case-by-case basis. Not many companies offer this as a service, but there are options available to you that I would advise exploring.

We have talked a little bit before about SourceWire. SourceWire News Distribution provides you (for a small fee) with a fast and effective way of getting your story out there to the journos. Hundreds of specialist journalists subscribe to the website as it connects them with stories that are relevant to their interests and the publications that they write for. This is the cheapest way to dip your toe into the pool of public relations, but it does require some work, effort and time commitment on your part. (We aren’t connected to SourceWire, by the way!)

An alternative option is to find a good PR company who can offer you their services on a case-by-case basis with no contracts involved. This is a more favourable option for those who just don’t have the the time to spare generating their own publicity.

I am available to talk at any time if you have any questions or if you’re considering PR as an investment for your business. For any information regarding our PR services that we offer on a case-by-case basis please give me a call – 07783415949.