Tech to Make You More Efficient

bhm account photoOne of my jobs at BHM Media is to look for technology that makes our jobs easier and our company more efficient, so when I saw this recent app launch I thought I’d share it with you. A Dutch software development company Clinicminds have recently launched a cloud-based app for patient relationship management.

It addresses the whole client relationship from first contact, to consultation, to appointment and then invoicing. As it’s cloud based it means you can access it for any location which makes it very handy for practitioners that work from multiple locations.

What’s really interesting is that it was developed by an aesthetic doctor who had been searching for a patient management tool with no joy and was inspired to create his own.

For the many small clinics and individual practitioners out there this could be the answer to effectively managing and looking after their customers. We all know how hard it can be to acquire these patients in the first place – and the cost implications involved in each individual patient – so retaining their business is essential for your business.

Clinicminds can be purchased through a monthly subscription fee after a free trial period and is available through the company’s website: