6 Super Interesting Video Facts

OK, we’re breaking up in an hour or so for Easter so we won’t be around until Tuesday.

Last year my Son said to me  “Dad, so why does Jesus want us to eat so much chocolate?”

“He was just a nice guy,” I replied. Lazy parenting, I know, but let’s face it, Easter is a thread that you really don’t want to pull.  Well son, it’s a pagan festival to celebrate the Spring Solstice which was  hi-jacked by the Christians which was then hijacked by Woolworths which then went broke.

If Christmas is humanity at its hypocritical worst, Easter is humanity at it’s most confused.  But it’s a bank holiday so we have to go with it.  So here’s something to think about over Easter whilst you eat your Cadbury’s Flake Easter Egg and ponder if Jesus really did expect it to all pan out like this.

Online video continues to grow rapidly and it’s not stopping. I’ve said before that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (behind Google) with more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. A video of you and your practice is going to be as essential as a website. If you’re still on the fence consider these 6 facts.

1. Cisco believe that in 3 years’ time video will account of 69% of all consumer traffic. This means that to get in front of 2/3 of new clients you’re going to have to show them your practice on video.

2. Statistics from Nielsen show that over 50% of companies are already communicating via online videos. When it comes to customer reach it is without question the most effective way of getting information across. Don’t get left behind.

3. 1 in 3 of UK consumers watch at least one video online each and every week. Your potential customers are already consuming videos. You need to get yours in front of them.

4. The average web visit lasts only 48 seconds. If it has a video on there it jumps to just under 6 minutes!  Just stop a second and digest that.   People spend 7 times longer on a site with a video on it.   

5. It doesn’t cost the earth. When people think video production they think of this team of people with beards walking around with massive cameras on their shoulders with boom mikes and make-up girls and a runner called Joel who gets tea.  It’s all changed, the kit is smaller, more cost effective, and even Katharine has been known to edit on our video software and she has trouble turning on her computer.

6. Research we have recently concluded with Westbury Surgical Group has showed that conversion from consultation to procedure doubled when potential clients saw a video. This is because clients had already ‘met’ the practitioner meaning they had already overcome the initial barrier of not knowing what to expect when they meet you.

If you’re thinking about rebirth this April then think video.  And one final thought: would the best marketer of all time (yes, Jesus), have got himself a video made?