CCKat Aesthetics

CC Kat is one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons. Since leaving her NHS practice, CC and her husband Dr Kat, have built an outstanding private practice in the heart of Birmingham.

Brief: The team at CC Kat Aesthetics definitely have their game on when it comes to social media and blogging on their website, but they wished to explore the possibilities of video for online marketing.

The clinic offers a full range of treatments from plastic surgery consultations (all performed at the top private hospitals in the area) to skincare. CC and Dr Kat wished to produce a series of videos that promoted this range of treatments, including their cutting-edge laser treatments and PRP with the MesoGun.

They also wished to promote that they are able to carry out an increasing number of surgical procedures in clinic, such as VASER – cue us all having to scrub up and poor Dr Kat having to have a pretend VASER treatment to the abdomen.

It’s very much a team effort at CC Kat Aesthetics and the front of camera duties were shared by CC, Dr Kat, Tash and Kelly. The clinic is so beautiful, that our video guy Steve was able to take lots of footage for cutaways. The clinic intro video is particularly amazing and showcases the fantastic set up.

The finished product: We are currently at the editing stage of the videos so please check back…