Harley Street Obesity Clinic

Harley Street Obesity Clinic

Many of our customers ask, if I already have a website, why do I need a microsite or even two or three microsites?

There are a number of reasons why microsites are a good idea and we will be going into them in more dedicated detail in blog posts, but microsite can be a valuable tool in driving traffic to your main site.

Also, if you have a specific treatment or procedure that you wish to promote, then a microsite can be an effective tool in pushing that procedure to gain short- or long-term benefits.

Brief: Mr Sanjay Agrawal, a consultant bariatric surgeon, approached us to build a microsite to sit alongside his main site London Obesity Clinic. Alongside, his team Dr Samira Yousefi and Ms Goli Keffel he had developed a new programme, the Total Transformation Medical Weight Loss Programme, to manage weight loss, alongside traditional bariatric surgical options.

We build our microsites on WordPress which Google loves and optimises well so as well as building the microsite we are also providing ongoing blog content.

The finished product: The package Mr Agrawal opted for was an off-the-peg microsite of five pages. However, as the site evolved he opted to have a more comprehensive design and our designer worked closely with him to produce sliders and images to give his microsite a lovely look and feel. Click here to see it in action.