Spire Cambridge

It’s a real honour to do work for such a prestigious company as The Spire Hospital Group. The Group has 38 hospitals and 11 private clinics throughout the UK and we have worked with a number of them.

This particular project was for Spire in Cambridge.

The brief: Spire Cambridge wanted to achieve two things with their video package. They were keen to increase the profile of a number of its practitioners and they also had two new procedures/treatments that they wished to promote.

So we were engaged to shoot a series of videos of their specialist consultants who performed these procedures. We also did a lovely interview with a very satisfied customers – the best kind of customer you can get.

The finished product: Here is a small selection of the work we did:

Dr Stephen Middleton introduces the Smart Pill


Introducing the Nuss Procedure with Mr Marco Scarci


Deedee Dobell – A Satisfied Customer

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