3 Reasons You Need a Microsite

1. The optimisation game

You may have a brand new machine in-clinic you want to promote or you want to highlight your top procedures and let people know what you do really well.

The microsites can contain different and more detailed information than you main site and by having microsites promote your products or services, you can extend your reach in the local market.

Your microsite can feature a couple of keywords relevant to that particular procedure or treatment whereas your main website will have a much wider message.

2. Location, location, location

Microsite can help you dominate local areas for these key treatments/areas. This can be reflected in the URL – it can be worth taking a look on a domain site such as LCN to see if URLs are available for your key treatments in combination with your local area even if you’re not planning on pushing the button yet on this marketing strategy.

3. Issues with your main site

Sometimes you may have problems with your main site that is making it ineffective in terms of optimisation and also converting visitors to your site. A microsite can free you up to deliver better results than you main site in your prime money-making areas… and they can prove very cost effective.