Websites that make your life easier

I’ve compiled a list of the websites and internet marketing tools that are out there – many for free – that can make you digital marketing simpler, easier and quicker.

Google Adwords; even if you’re not actually doing Google Adwords, this programme can be really useful for checking how your site is performing and which keywords to optimise for in terms of the amount of searches in your local area.

Be aware that just searching for a key treatment or service in your local area isn’t always a good guide to how your website is performing. I’m sure you are going onto your site regularly and Google recognise this and place your site higher in the search engines – but just for you and from your computer. Another way to check how you’re doing it to set up an incognito window in settings and then it won’t record where you are looking from.

Website Crawlers; these can check your website (and even your competition) to see where you can improve your site to make it as SEO efficient as possible. There are various programmes called Integrity, Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth.

Hootsuite; if you’ve got your social media game on then you will be operating over a number of different accounts. Hootsuite provides an overview of your different social media accounts. If you have a number of different Twitter accounts then you can run them simultaneously and it means you don’t mistakenly Tweet on the wrong account.

And, Google itself is constantly trying to make your life easier. Recently, they’ve launched Google Tips which is basically a bunch of stuff that you can do with Google that you probably never realised.