Digital marketing and the Life Sciences Sector

images (1)A recent report from leading financial institution Deloitte has shown that the Life Sciences sector – covering pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology – is in rude health in 2014. Certainly the UK government is firmly backing growth in this sector with its Strategy for Life Sciences, which was launched a couple of years ago.

But why should the Life Sciences sector be exploring digital marketing to continue its expansion?

# 1 Digital marketing makes for a level playing field
If you’re a global pharmaceutical business or a small niche player, you have the same digital marketing tools at your disposal. The important thing is to not adopt a scatter-gun approach but to develop a digital marketing strategy whereby you can measure the rewards.

# 2 An innovative sector such as Life Sciences is all about communication
This sector is at the forefront of product innovation and the internet should be your key means of communicating these to the outside world.

# 3 People are searching for products
There are 5,000 + searches per month in the UK for ‘pharmaceutical companies’ on Google, with high numbers related to purchasing products.

# 4 Become an expert and reap the benefits
LinkedIn has a strong medical section with over 15,000 groups discussing a potentially relevant topic to your business. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field it is proven that it can facilitate sales. Blogging and disseminating content on relevant sites can further strengthen your position as an expert.