Are you the Best Practitioner in Your Area?

It’s not arrogance to promote yourself.  It’s not tawdry commercialism to shout out that you’re the best at what you do.  It’s a war out there people.  Consumers are more discerning about health and medical matters and as the NHS continues to become ‘market driven’ so choice is going to be at the heart of healthcare in the UK.  The next decade is going to see a radical shift in the way consumers get medical treatment and now is the time to position your brand in the market.  Get your Public Relations game on – because if you don’t, others will.



Make a Noise !

Your need to be making a noise, you need to be in the press, on radio, on TV and talked about by bloggers. You need to be in the public eye so that your business gets noticed and grows.

We deal with successful practitioners all the time and they all have one quality in common – they understand the power of marketing and they invest in it.

 Here’s 5 reasons you should think about PR:


 1.      PR builds reputations

Of course a PR campaign can only ever be as good as the business or service it is promoting but, assuming you are a leader in your field, well-executed PR will establish good relationships and promote understanding with those who are important to you.  Many people have opinions about you and this doesn’t just apply to customers; there are also those who support your business such as suppliers, industry bodies and employees.  Building trust and reputation goes beyond the simple sale, it leads to a lifelong trusted brand that has a tangible value. 

2.      Implementing a PR strategy makes you think about your aims

Taking time to understanding what PR can do for you can be the wisest investment you can make in your business. Controlling how you communicate makes you think about what you do and plan for the future rather than just reacting to events. 

 3.      PR gets you noticed

With the advent of blogging, social media and the ‘always on’ culture of today’s communications, businesses that take control of their Public Relations establish their own voice and position in the media landscape.  While traditional PR very much has a place in your communication strategy the internet has changed forever the way businesses can interact directly with their customers, you’re no longer at the mercy of a few journalists to gain approval.  You can control every element of how you are perceived.

4.      PR delivers more value than advertising

It is widely acknowledged that PR can be worth 5 times more than advertising.  If a third party is talking about you in a positive way it’s an endorsement that is seen to be independent of you and thus more valuable. Word of mouth referrals are less price conscious and three times as likely to go ahead with a treatment as someone who has come through advertising or special offers.

 5.      PR is an investment in your future

It is possible to have a quick win with PR. You might have even done it yourself.  You might get a story in a large newspaper, you might get mentioned on a popular blog or appear in a key trade magazine but the secret to operating a great PR strategy is to consider it less a sprint and more like a marathon. You, like me, are probably bombarded with messages every day.  Against that backdrop of noise, you need to be repeating your message continuously across multiple mediums and never letting up.  We work with you to build your story steadily and with purpose into a mountain of positive energy for your business.

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