If you don’t have a mobile site Google is going to punish you


We’ve been carping on about the importance of having a mobile enabled site for a year or two now.  Most of our clients are seeing half of their traffic come from a mobile device these days – and by ‘mobile’ we mean a tablet or a smart phone.

Since Google is all about delivering the best possible experience to the user we have known for some time that being enabled for mobile gave you a tick on the algorithmic scorecard – otherwise known as good SEO.  Now it’s looking like the they are about to action a new update which will actively reward a site that is mobile friendly and downgrade a site that is not.

Google are quoted as saying it will ‘significantly impact’ mobile search results.

Many experts are saying this algorithm change could have more impact on search results than the recents Google Panda and Penguin updates which has turned the whole way a site is found on its head.

Putting this into plain English what this means is that all your mobile traffic is at risk if you don’t have a mobile friendly site.  Or put another way, if a client is on the sofa surfing on their tablet at home in the evening and looking for you if you’re not mobile then you won’t get found.  For those  more detailed article on this can be found at : SearchEngineLand (click here). You can also read a less techy article here at Forbes.

IMG_5996 (1)

We’ve redeveloped our site this week to work on all mobile devices and above you can see us testing it to make sure it works.

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