How to shoot your own healthcare video

Marketing your private healthcare business can often seem both confusing and costly. There are so many marketing avenues you should be exploring that keeping on top of them all and then validating the results you’ve received against the cost outlay can be difficult. We know that cost is always an issue, whatever the size of your business and video marketing is one area that can seem very expensive, but you keep being told it can be of great value. So is it possible to do DIY video marketing? Here’s an example of someone having a go at video marketing themselves and doing it very successfully. Plastic surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics’ YouTube channel has over 800 videos shot by himself and his team, some of which have over a million views.

What are the benefits of DIY video marketing?

I know you want to showcase yourself, your team and your clinic in the best possible way but dipping your toe in the water with DIY videos can have a multitude of benefits. You get to practise being in front of the camera, before you book the video team to arrive. Also, getting up to speed with your video skills means that you are perfectly placed to capture patient testimonials. Written testimonials are great but nothing is as powerful as a happy, satisfied patient praising your services to prospective patients in video format. Here’s our video tutorial showing you how to do a DIY video with an iPhone. We have also been sent videos shot by clients themselves and edited them. By topping and tailing them with the clinic’s branding, adding music, and improving as much as possible in our video editing software then they instantly seem more professional.