5 things you need to know about online marketing on a local level

Unless you possess a totally unique skill or service most of your clients will be local to you. Here are 5 tips that will help you to get a grip of your online marketing on a local level.

1. Understand how Google searches locally.

Google will deliver the nearest service under the local section with pointers to a map – here is my search in Stratford-upon-Avon for a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’.  Mr Matthews wins by dint of being nearest and having the best optimised site. Do the same exercise yourself and see who your competitors are and… copy them.

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2. Make sure you’re mobile friendly.

Fifty-six per cent of searches are now on a mobile or tablet.  If you’re not mobile optimised you won’t appear on the Google listings when people search on a mobile device. Or in other words half your potential clients cant see you on a mobile phone if your site isn’t mobile friendly.


3. Get your local Google listing sorted.

I’m actually amazed that people haven’t done this because it’s free and it works. If you have 5 minutes spare follow this link and just do it (no excuses ): www.Google.co.uk/business 


4. It’s not just about Google.

Make sure you get all your local listings set up.  Not only are most of these free but you will you also get enquiries from them. The added benefit is that the ever watchful (and slightly sinister) Google will also view those with lots of local listings as a bona fide player in the local market and they will rank you higher for participating. To get you started here is a list of 34 places you can register your website for free.

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5. Do local targeted Google AdWords campaigns.

You can start these on a very low budget and test how it works for you.  Take your time and learn.  Do a course if necessary (there are lots of these online or locally) and once you’ve found the right way of doing it you can slowly start to scale it up.
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All of this can be done yourself by dedicating a few hours a week, but if you need any help with your website or getting yourself set up for local marketing then drop us a line – contact Katharine on 07768 571 493 or KG@bhmMedia.com.