The video journey

Recently, we were approached by the Business Development Manager at Spire Sussex Hospital about filming a patient journey that presents the services offered at this leading private hospital. We have produce all kinds of videos, from practitioner introductions, treatment overviews, product or training videos – basically, if you have an idea or something to sell, we can rise to the occasion.

However, we really love producing these corporate-style videos that allow us to work closely with the client on how best to showcase their clinic, practice or hospital for potential patients. Gavin and Sophie, the Business Development Management, had a number of conversations prior to the shoot to establish exactly what they were hoping to achieve and so we could get a rough shot list – no one wants to walk away from a shoot realising they missed an important component of the end product!

On a beautiful Saturday in October, our video man Aaron and Gavin (we’ll call him director, he likes that) had an early start to get down to Spire Sussex to scout the location for the various scenes and best light spots before a shoot start of 9am. Working days and hours tend not to figure in video work as, understandably, a busy working practice or hospital can’t suspend normal business while we shoot.

Shoots like this are usually great fun, on the day everyone pulls together to get all the required footage. The staff in the video are made up of actors and real staff, Gavin even has a blink and you miss it cameo in the film.

The next stage is where all the magic happens – editing! There was loads of fantastic footage to choose from – four hours in all – but the brief was to produce a three minute video and tell the story, so lots of great stuff does really end up on the cutting room floor.

We were also writing a script and recording a voice over, so once the first edit was done to our satisfaction, I got down to writing. I thoroughly researched the Spire Sussex and main Spire site to ensure that all content was ‘on message’ and then edited it to match the video. One option was to send the script in a document and video edit without sound, but I always feel that it’s much harder for clients to see how it all fits. So, we recorded the voice over and laid it over the footage.

This was sent to Sophie for feedback and amends. This is always the slightly scary moment where you hope your vision for the video matches the client’s, but Sophie and the team at Spire Sussex were delighted and just had a couple of tweaks to the script and requested we find another shot to replace one in the video (the angle it was taken showed an untidy area of the physio room, all the stuff you don’t want prospective patients to see!).

So, the final edited video was sent to Sophie, who responded instantly with, “We love the video! Can’t wait to get it uploaded.” As part of the package they opted for, we created a YouTube channel for them and uploaded and optimised the video.

We loved working on this project and were really pleased to get these kind words from Sophie and the team at Spire Sussex:

“BHM Media have been really helpful and professional since the start. We are very pleased with the outcome of the videos we have had produced and would have no hesitations in recommending or using them again. Gavin really put the team at ease and was willing to accommodate our requests on the day.”

And here’s the finished product: