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We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of healthcare video.  If you are a specialist in a particular procedure then there is nothing as effective as telling people about it on video.  From a marketing point of view it has some great advantages:

  1. It introduces you to clients before you actually meet them, knocking down any barriers that may be in place right at the beginning of the process. As humans we’re always a little apprehensive when meeting strangers; this is as a result of millions of years of programming which despite the last few generations of relative civility still sits at the heart of what we do. Clients contemplating a medical procedure are even more apprehensive. If you can ‘virtually meet’ a client before actually meeting them then they are going to be more at ease.
  2. Time is precious. A series of videos answering many of the questions your clients frequently ask has the effect of moving them further down the line when it comes to sitting in front of you at a consultation.
  3. Once you shoot videos you can upload them to YouTube – even creating your own channel with multiple videos which you can sort in to playlists. There is a secondary element to this which is that Google own YouTube and, increasingly, healthcare video are being pulled into the search results.  There’s a third too: YouTube is free, so you can host your videos for nothing and then use the platform to embed the videos into your website.

So our client, Mr Amar Awitry, a leading ophthalmic surgeon and owner of Mids Eyecare, asked us to create a series of videos which answered his patients’ frequently asked questions.

The project included:

  • Create an animated ident to go at the beginning and end of each video giving them a professional look
  • Shoot and edit 14 short videos
  • Upload the finished videos into a bespoke designed YouTube channel

Within a few days, the videos are already being shown on Google and the next step is to embed them into the website.


Mr Amar Alwitry healthcare video



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