As a healthcare SEO and marketing company one of the first things we do for a client when they take us on is to get them set up properly with a Google account – for local search this is essential. And it’s FREE.  We’re always amazed at how few healthcare businesses haven’t got their account set up. Google My Business is the new platform from Google that links Google search, maps, Google+, YouTube and Google Analytics into aone convenient application. What this means to the user is that you can easily manage the suite of Google features from a single interface.  The great thing about this service is that it lets local businesses be found more quickly online. Just follow these steps and you’ll be up on no time.

  1. Set yourself up with a Google account if you don’t already have one. Best way to do this is create an email address via – you can either use [your name] or [your clinic]@Gmail. Remember to keep an eye on it as Google will use this to send you information relating to your Google My Business account. When this is set up you can create a forward address in the settings section so that any emails that come to this account are forwarded to your day-to-day email account.
  2. Once you have a your Google account you should head over to Google My Business set up page.
  3. Log in using your new account.
  4. Search for your business. Google have clever ways of keeping track of businesses and you may find that your details are already on their database.  If they are, then claim the listing; if not then create a new one.

5. Fill out your details and Google will then want to verify this is actually you. They’ll post you out a card with a reference on it which will arrive within a few days.  It looks like this.  Once it arrives input your code which proves you exist and Google will now formally list your account with you as the owner

6. Next you’ll want to customise your page.  You can add a profile picture and a background.

7. Complete the rest of the page by linking your website, your phone numbers, hours of operation and put in lots of photographs of your facility and the team.  Add in a description of your business with the relevant keywords you want to get picked up for.

8. Sit back and have a well-earned cup of tea. You’re now registered on Google my places and will show up when people search for you or your products.

9. Remember to ask your clients to review you as it strengthens your listing.