December is always a time for reflection. Britain grinds to a halt on Friday 21st of December and we won’t see things return to normal for about two weeks. For those of us with our own businesses this can be a welcome time for reflection. What can we do to grow in 2019?

Private healthcare marketing consists of so many facets that I thought I would do a post to focus the mind on a few doable activities that really work. We do these ourselves so it’s as much a missive for me as it is for you. So, in the spirit of the ‘new year, new you‘ thing that every magazine and newspaper seems to be featuring at this time of year, why not try these in January and see how you get on.

  1. Marketing. Put time aside each week for marketing and business development.  It’s very easy to get locked into the daily process of dealing with business as it comes at you. We tend to work in a pattern that deals with aspects of our business in layers of importance. So emergency issues, clients, billing, admin, staff and accounts are all on the radar.  Marketing and business growth can often be tagged on the end when you have a minute.  I make a point to spend at least a morning a week thinking about growth.
  2. Blog.  Write a regular blog post.  This works on a number of levels because not only is it good for search engines who favour regularly updated websites but I find it helps me focus on the business of my business.  It makes me think about what we’re doing and how we’re progressing.  So today, for example, is all about making sure all my marketing boxes are ticked. Next week I might write about the recent furore on social media about the proliferation of private GP practices.
  3. Website. This is the first point of contact for nearly all new private clients in 2019. They may find you through profiles on third party websites but you don’t control the information, nor crucially will it enable you to capture the patient’s details.  It’s vital that you control your online profile and are able to tell your own story. Your site must also work on a mobile phone as half of all visitors will be using a smartphone or tablet.
  4. Listings. Get your listing game on. There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of free listings that you can take advantage of. Although most people use Google there are a surprising amount who use other sources to find a practitioner. These are not only the hospitals that you work from or the associations or professional groups that you belong to; local or specialised websites and also directory sites like Yell and Thompsons are worth putting a listing on.  Spend some time getting this right.
  5. Try Adwords. Whilst many try to get to the top of Google for nothing (notoriously difficult and also never free if done properly), using Google can deliver effective results straight away. Understanding the cost of acquiring a new client will also change the way you run your practice forever. Competition in all private medical sectors is going to increase – the winners are those who understand that marketing plays a vital part of the process. Why not set yourself up with a test campaign today and see how you get on – visit Google to set it up.

If you’re busy and need any help with any of these then we can assist.

Additionally, we offer a service that covers all of these main activities in one reasonable monthly package.  Contact Gavin if you want to discuss: or call direct on 0774 009 8092.