One Small Tip That Will Change Your Practice Forever

In the past decade we’ve dealt with countless clinics and practices and one issue we come across time and time again is how they handle enquiries.

Indeed if you were to look at envy at those clinics that dominate your sector or region then I’d put money on the difference between them and everyone else is the way they handle a lead. They analyse and close their leads as an integral part of their business, they don’t make clients fight to be seen.

A lead is an enquiry, it’s someone who has expressed an interest in spending money with you. If you’re in the service business then it’s where everything starts.

A clinic at the top of their game will treat each lead with reverence. Not only has that lead cost you money to acquire, it’s a reflection of your operation as to how keen you are to see that lead convert to a client or patient.

So the top tip is – Start recording every single lead as it comes in, put it on a list and review it all the time.

Treat your leads as if each one is small piece of gold and tell your staff the same. Everyone needs to be on the same page with this one.


You can buy or rent all sorts of very impressive CRM (customer relationship management) software which will help you sort and manage your enquiries and clients. But for now start small and simple. Don’t over complicate things otherwise it won’t happen.

We use Google Sheets, it’s a free web based spreadsheet, very much like Excel, that can be used by all your team. So one simple form that is shared by everyone. We’ve found the more simple the set up the more likely everyone is to embrace it.

You can create your sheet here, put in some simple fields such as name, email, phone, where they found you, what they want you to do and when then want it. Share the document easily using the share function (input your team’s emails).

Ask your enquiry team or secretary to add each enquiry to the sheet and this will be updated to all users in real time.

If you want to see my template then contact me below.


Where did you find out about us?

Asking this simple question is the difference between people who get marketing and people who don’t. Once you start to get an understanding of how your clients are finding you then you can go to work doing more of it!

If you can also ask when they want to undertake the procedure, then you get an idea of timeframe and you can start to manage your leads and client flow. If they want to wait until August then make sure have made a note on the form to contact them again in June.


Get your team into the habit of updating the form with every new enquiry and sharing. Some of our clients have created a bonus scheme for secretaries and receptionists so that they share in the success of the clinic and everyone becomes more driven and focused. A client enquiry is the lifeblood of your practice, this should be stitched into your DNA, a mantra you chant each morning over your coffee.


Once a week or fortnight, or month go through the enquiries and see how many converted to new clients.

Celebrate your success and of those that didn’t convert ask: Why didn’t they book?

The smallest of questions but a vital one. What went wrong? Going through your enquiry list with your secretary or receptionist will transform the culture of your practice. Why didn’t an enquiry become a booking? Why? Why? Why?

There will be numerous reasons but by identifying them you will increase conversions. Here are some popular reasons why people haven’t booked with you.

  • You didn’t go back quickly enough (clients want to be wanted, they should be replied to on the same day)
  • The Price is wrong
  • The person on the end of the phone didn’t sound that interested
  • There was an answering machine
  • Just window shopping (no problem, they might become a client years down the road but at least you know)

If you don’t already have this system in place and you adopt it, then I promise that your practice will increase throughput. This is a transformative process that you can do without spending a penny. How often do you hear that?  More clients without spending.

If you need help then drop me a line. I’m friendly and my advice is free. I want to see you do well whether you use our services or not.

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