Do You Need A Facebook Business Page?

The usual reply I get to this question is, ‘Oh no, I don’t do social media.’

But, you’re going to need to think again because a Facebook Business Page isn’t about posting pictures of your Sunday lunch or your latest trip to the Greek Islands. A Facebook Business Page is about being found by potential clients and it’s a big opportunity. If you’re in the business of providing a service to consumers then it’s essential you have a presence on the world’s biggest social network site.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Firstly, it’s different to a normal profile page that you may use in your day-to-day personal life. It’s possible to have a business page that never comes in contact with your personal life in any way. You can separate your personal and your professional life.

A Facebook Business Page is like a website within Facebook. It can list your services, provide directions on how to get to you, detail your opening times, as well as showcase pictures, client reviews and videos.  All the things that people can see on your existing world wide web website.  You can post news and updates on the business page and these won’t be shown on your personal page (unless you choose to actively share them).

39 million UK users

Consider this. Facebook has 39 million users in the UK right now. This is anticipated to rise by about a million people per year over the next few years. It’s safe to assume that nearly all of your clients are on Facebook.

Now, also consider that to many people Facebook is the internet. They shop through it, they find their holidays through it, they locate local services through it, they talk to their friends and family through it. There are large swathes of the population who never leave the confines of Facebook. Their entire online lives are spent within its blue walls.

What does this mean to you?

It means it’s about covering your bases. So you might have a great website that is listed with local directories and partners. It may get found well on Google and have a healthy flow of traffic. But your site doesn’t show up on Facebook. So to those who are communicating, socialising, sourcing, rating and buying solely within this platform, then you don’t exist.

Another startling fact is that two out of three people who are on Facebook will visit a local business page in the next week.  That’s a vast potential audience that remains untapped if you don’t have a Facebook Business Page.

So a Facebook Business Page isn’t doing social media.  A Facebook page is like a specialist website that sits within the Facebook citadel.  And, best of all, it’s free.

How to get a Facebook Business Page

  1. Let us create one for you. If you’ve got a WordPress site we can also link it up so that any news posts that you publish through your main website, will be posted on the page. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to set one up.
  2. Do it yourself. If you have time and wish to do it yourself, then follow this link here. You’ll need a personal Facebook page to start with.

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