Is Your Website GDPR Compliant?


As you’ve probably heard, the GDPR deadline is 25th May and you’ll need to make sure your business is compliant.

Although you might have heard lots of horror stories, the ethos of GDPR is quite simple: you need to be responsible with other people’s data. This means having their permission to send them messages and also taking steps to ensure that if you do legitimately have reasons to hold their data that it’s secure.

Since you’re in healthcare there’s a strong chance that you’re already doing this. Most of our clients are using digital platforms to manage patients and bookings and these take data integrity very seriously.

One area of your business that may not be compliant is your website.

Since most websites we deal with are ‘brochure’ style sites, they are not created to store information so their requirements to meet GDPR are not that onerous.

There are two elements that you will need to check

1. A Privacy Policy page (clearly visible on every page)
2. Consent to collect cookies to comply with EU cookie law

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