Many PR companies say they have a unique approach to public relations.  We think that good public relations isn’t about being unique, it’s about a well managed and executed process that connects your story, via the right media, with your audience. When choosing a PR there are the four key elements that you should look for in your agency:

1. The quality of their connections.

2. Can they quickly understand us and hit the ground running?

3. The creative ability to develop and pitch a story compelling enough so that it reaches my audience.

4. Hard work ethic. Sending out press releases is only the start of the process. The sell is key.

Unlike many PR people our team come from the publishing side of the fence. We’re poachers turned gamekeepers. Our connections and methodology comes from working at the coalface of some of the UK’s leading media companies.  We’ve been brought up in the publishing sector and our perspective is firmly anchored in creating an interesting story for the reader or consumer of media.

Experience in Healthcare

BHM Media specialises in managing communication and public relation strategies in the medical and health sector. This means in most cases we have a pretty good idea what you’re looking for. The modern media landscape may be more complicated these days but the basic elements are the same. Your audience is out there and we work with you to get your message to those people via press, radio, television and internet.


Selling the Story

We approach PR from a sales and marketing perspective, expecting you to achieve a return on your investment. We were not born in a PR bubble, but have spent decades actually working in business and we understand profit and loss and we know to make a story fly we need to proactively ‘sell’ it.

Boutique Agency

Many PR agencies will sell you the dream and then park your account with a junior. We don’t have juniors. You have our direct numbers and you can talk to us whenever you need to (providing we are awake). 

Get in Touch

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Going into Bat for You

The PR department is managed by two highly experienced and well-connected media professionals with an enviable address book in the healthcare media sector. When you employ us we work with you to create a set of objectives and we then work tirelessly to achieve those objectives.


 Have a Chat

BHM Media is a small boutique agency that works with the leading healthcare practitioners and companies. If you would like to talk about our service call Gavin on 0774 009 8092 or email at

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