3 Reasons why a Microsite can work for your practice

The very fact you are reading this page means you’re interested in building up a presence on the internet.

But you don’t always need to spend many thousands of pounds on a bespoke website which takes months to complete.  Our microsites are designed to be a cost effective way to get yourself found on the web.

The sites are all built on WordPress and are optimised to be found on Google.  They are attractive to look at and pages and content can be easily added by anyone who has the most basic IT knowledge. They are designed to be updated by the owner!

Each site comes with a main home page, 3 speciality pages on your top treatments or procedures, a contact page and a ‘News’ section so you can update your readers and create interesting articles which the search engines will love.  As a starter blog or specialist addition to your existing web portfolio it really is the perfect platform.


If you’ve just launched your practice then you want to start seeing some business coming in before you spend a fortune on a website. However, it’s important you get found in the first place and this is the perfect start.  The sites are all optimised so they get found on Google and are modular so in time you can add more pages and change the layout.  It’s a great way to get yourself going.


Some of our clients have branched out into new procedures or ventures with partners and whilst they want to keep their existing main website a microsite is a useful tool establish something new without breaking the bank.


Sometimes in a competitive arena it is advantageous to spread yourself out a little.  If you have a number of sites appearing on the search engine ranks then it can act as a funnel driving enquiries to your main site.  A microsite is the perfect tool for this and ideally you want to be using listing sites and your own sites to dominate the pages where you want to rank.

To see an example of our template site visit http://www.medicalmicrosite.co.uk

If you would like to talk about getting a microsite done ring Gavin on 0774 009 8092, we work exclusively for medical organisations and practitioners and understand that 9-5 isn’t always convenient so please feel free to call out of hours or weekends.

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