Case Study - Mr Amar Alwitry

  We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of healthcare video.  If you are a specialist in a particular procedure then there is nothing as effective as telling people about it on video.  From a marketing point of view it…

How to get ranked on Google

  Many of our clients ask us 'why aren't we ranking at the top of Google?' - this article is written to answer this question and gives you some tips on how you can address this. Healthcare SEO Before we start let's clear up what…

How We Got Top 3 on Google for 'HEALTHCARE SEO'

  So you want to get to the top of Google for your specialty - that's natural, not just for business but also for professional pride. If you're the best then Google should be showing you at the top.  There are thousands of companies…

Three Golden Rules of Healthcare SEO

I've actually come to hate the term SEO.  It's a acronym that's been tainted by dodgy dealers and con men for years now and I wish we could chuck it in the bin and find some other phrase. How about Getting Found On The Internet - GFOTI?  When…
healthcare PR

Should I be in the Daily Mail?

Is it a good thing? For many of the practitioners and clinics we work with opinion is divided as to whether publicity is a good thing. On the one side there is the argument that medicine and healthcare should be done with a quiet, professional…
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Is your site protected against malware attacks?

  Last week our website came under attack by a virus which injected some malware into the website. It's a crafty bit of software. At first you're not sure what it is; your site reacts slowly, it brings up companies and pages that aren't…

The Truth About Healthcare PR

A client contacted us recently asking if we can guarantee press coverage.  The answer is no and any agency that says they can is not being straight with you.  But this question of what you get for your money, what bang do you get for your…

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