How Does Your Site Rank?

Google can be a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury.

Whilst many of the people we work with build their client base on word of mouth, some targeted advertising and referrals, there is a vast opportunity to get in front of people who are simply Googling their nearest practitioner…

If you can be found this way then it can be a great source of new patients.

Some really important Google facts that you need to know before you look at where you rank

  • 40% of people click the paid for adverts at the top. 60% click on the ‘natural results’ but most of these click on the top 4 positions
  • Practically nobody goes to page two of Google
  • The results also vary depending on where you are, so someone in Bristol will get different results from someone in Birmingham
  • If you are logged into a Google account (if you have a Gmail account), you will get results tailored to your search history – everyone gets different results!

So do you want to know where you rank?

Simply fill this form out with the keywords you want to check (this can be your name, the name of your clinic, your top procedures or services) and we’ll shoot back your results with some tips for improvement.

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