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What Should Your Website Do For You?

A website is a tool that should bring the world to you – it therefore has two important functions:

1. Get found on search engines.

2. Get prospective clients to contact you through it.

So your site needs to be constructed in such a way that it gets picked up by search engines and it needs to clearly say what you do. It needs to convey trust and look good so that prospective clients want to contact you.

Our web services fall into three categories:


This is your shop window. It needs to tell the world what you do and it needs to be designed and written in a way that gets found by search engines and is engaging to visitors. The site needs to reflect your values and your brand. Now the word brand can sound scary. It can sound expensive. When you think of brand you think of Coke or Pepsi and many companies wonder how this could possibly apply to them. But all a brand really is, is a promise. It’s your promise to do what you say you’re going to do. So, even if you are a small company, you should be thinking of how you are perceived online.

We will spend time with you to establish what sort of look you’re after and will work with you on your content. Our service is a turnkey operation and we look after the whole process from concept through to build through to going live and testing.

All our sites have the following capabilities baked in:

1. Mobile friendly – 50% of consumer web traffic is mobile or tablets these days.

2. Content management system – our sites are build on WordPress which means you can update and change the site yourself.

3. Written so that your keywords can be found by Google and other search engines.

4. We have the capability to host our clients’ sites on our server which means you don’t ever have to deal with a FTP or a DNS setting!


Much of our work is dealing with sites that have been built a long time ago. The internet moves quickly and in web terms the mid-Noughties are the Stone Age! This often means you can’t update them, they aren’t particularly search engine friendly or they don’t work on mobile and tablets. Sometimes the design is simply awful and it doesn’t attract clients or represent your brand in any way. Or your initial web company might have closed or are charging too much money to make basic changes. We can help.

We take care of the whole process and can seamlessly transfer your site onto a new platform or give it a facelift so that it is relevant in today’s internet environment. We look after all the server and domain issues and you can involve yourself as much as you like. Some clients just tell us to get on with it and tell them when the new site is live, other clients want to work in collaboration on the design and functionality.

1. We look after all the technical side of the switch.

2. We keep an existing visual theme and move it to a new content managed platform.

3. Full redesign and content move.

4. Give you a no-obligation view of the implication of changing an old website.


We are huge fans of microsites. They are powerful enough to get ranked for specific keywords, they are not too expensive and they are quick to turn round. These are mini, off-the-peg sites that can be used for a number of reasons.

1. Clients who have a specialist new product they want to concentrate on developing.

2. Start-ups that require a web presence but don’t have the necessary budget to go with a large website from the beginning.

3. Use multiple sites so that your brand is visible in the search engine rankings across a number of properties that you own.

Whatever your web requirement give us a ring and you can have a friendly chat with us to see if we can help.

Call Gavin on 0774 009 8092.